Our heat pump:

  • IS the Ice-Stick
    This heat pump is available in 3 sizes
  • Hybrid
  • AQUA

To the right you can see a movie about
the Ice-Stick “A heat pump for the future”.

Octopus IS

The futuristic heat pump “the Ice-Stick” is efficient and environmentally friendly.

A unique series of heat pumps heating homes since 1991. Octopus IS is installed in everything from major real estate, industrial and office premises to the villas and cottages.

Octopus Hybrid

Intelligent ground source heat pump.

How a heat pump works

1. The Heat absorbing section – Low pressure
This part of the heat pump is called evaporator. The evaporator runs a refrigerant with a very low temperature and the boiling point. The evaporator is heated by the surroundings and this causes the refrigerant to evaporate inside.