Octopus IS

The futuristic heat pump “the Ice-Stick” is efficient and environmentally friendly.

A unique series of heat pumps heating homes since 1991. Octopus IS is installed in everything from major real estate, industrial and office premises to the villas and cottages.

Simple design

Heating takes place by aluminum profiles condensing vapor in the air to water, which then temporarily transforms to frost. The heat-absorbing aluminum construction requires no defrosting, which offers a quiet operation and large energy savings. Heat pump factor varies between 2-5 depending on house conditions, humidity and outdoor temperature. The design is very simple, the only moving part is the compressor.

Rational product

Octopus IS is a rational product that enables placement in most places. The heat pump also works at low temperatures, then together with the supplementary heat. The Ice-Stick heats in a more cost-effective way than, for example oil or direct electricity. Through heat exchange the heat is transferred to the water system in the villa. The system can advantageously be docked to the current system, such as oil, gas, pellets, direct electricity, etc.


medal_gdansk medal_energia
Medal awarded by the Infrastructure Minister during a Energy fair in Gdansk, Poland Medal awarded by the Test Institute of energy in 2004 in Szcecin, Poland


Octopus IS 48X
It consists of 12 energy rods and has a compressor at 3 kW.
Fits to a house with a total consumption of 20.000-35.000 kWh/year or 2,0-3,5 m3 of oil/year.

Octopus IS 61X
It consists of 12 energy rods and has a compressor at 3,7 kW.
Fits to a house with a total consumption of 25.000-50.000 kWh/year or 2,5-5,0 m3 of oil/year.

Octopus IS 81X
It consists of 24 energy rods, two Ice-stick units each with 12 energy rods, one of which has a compressor at 5 kW.
Fits to a building with a total consumption of 35.000-70.000 kWh/year or 3,5-7,0 m3 of oil/year.

Octopus Ice-Cross
Special product, see picture to the right.